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Cliniva Healthcare is a one-stop solution for importing and purchasing Gynecology Instruments, Maternity Pads, Pregnancy Test kits, Latex Gynecology Gloves, Female Incontinence Mesh, Cord Clamp and much more. We are the wholesale Distributor of Disposable Gynecology Instruments, which include Disposable Maternity Pads, Pregnancy Test Kit, Latex Gynecology Gloves, Female Incontinence Mesh and Cord Clamp and we supply them to India, USA and UK. In addition, we offer not only a comprehensive selection of high-quality hospital gynecology equipment, including disposables, instruments and equipment, but also offer a complete solution for Gynecology Drape, which may be applied in various medical procedures. In response to client needs from the medical profession, Cliniva offers the best Obstetrics & Gynecology Devices. These products are produced using premium raw ingredients.

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