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Cliniva Healthcare is one of the largest manufacturer and supplier of all variants of Gynecology Instruments, surgical instrument and Gynecology Morcellator Set. Gynecology’s Gynecology Morcellator enables minimally invasive surgery to remove fibroids and a big uterus through small incisions. Bulky abdominal specimens are frequently removed during surgery utilising a digital gynaecology morcellator which is also a minimally invasive surgery.

Gynecology Morcellator allows the removal of a large uterus and fibroids through small incisions with minimally invasive surgery in Gynecology. Digital Gynecology Morcellator is commonly used at the surgery to remove bulky specimens from the abdomen using minimally invasive techniques. Cliniva gynecology morcellation was performed by using this device that required the surgeon to manually ‘squeeze’ the handle, and a scalpel was inserted directly through the abdomen to make tiny specimens that could be taken out of the abdominal cavity.

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Gynecology Morcellator