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Hysteroscopy Irrigation Pump

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Gynecology instruments and a set of irrigation pumps for hysteroscopy are manufactured by Cliniva Healthcare. We provide design and Manufacture Hysteroscopy Irrigation Pump Sets and other Gynecology Instruments. The Hysteroscopy Irrigation Pump is a pressure-controlled, adaptive double roller pump that keeps the intrauterine pressure at a consistent, predetermined level and simultaneously maintains a continuous flow. Gynecology Endoscopy Irrigation Pump Set is extensively utilized for hysteroscopy. The instruments we offer have a high level of durability and have undergone rigorous quality assurance tests.

Cliniva Healthcare manufactures, exports, and supplies Gynecology instruments, electrosurgical units, medical devices, hospital equipment, and surgical instruments are among the outstanding quality products. Currently, we deliver our products in India, USA and UK. Browse our whole inventory related to the hysteroscopy irrigation pump as per the below catalogue.

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Hysteroscopy Irrigation Pump