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Vinyl Powder Free Gloves

Cliniva Healthcare manufactures Vinyl Powder Free Gloves with international quality standard. Vinyl Powder Free gloves come in several thicknesses with non-powdered. The drawbacks of vinyl are it offers little protection from chemicals and micro-organisms, but makes these gloves perfect for handling non-hazardous materials and chemicals.
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Advanced Features:-

  • Quick and easy donning
  • Beaded cuff to prevent cuff roll down
  • Protects from latex Type I allergy
  • Material : Vinyl (Polyvinyl Chloride)
  • Powder Content : Powder free
  • Non –Sterile
  • Color : Clear
  • Size : XS(5.5-6) / S(6.5-7) / M(7.5-8) / L(8.5-9) / XL(9.5-10)