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Electric Gynecology OT Table

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Electric Gynecology OT Table

We, Cliniva, Manufacturer of Electric Gynecology OT Table with international quality standards.

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We, Cliniva, Manufacturer of Gynaecology Operation Table with international quality standards.

Gynaecology operating table are designed to provide accurate positioning with an easy electrical operation. These tables are ideal for use in all the major surgical process that requires precision. We offer Gynaecology operating table in different models based on the requirements of the clients.

Advanced Features:-

  • Functional, versatile, Flexibility and precision
  • Hygienic design, Easy cleaning, User- friendly
  • Electric Up-Down by cable remote.
  • Eccentric pillars, Stainless Fitting
  • Detachable, head, led & pelvic section.
  • Four sectional radio-translucent top
  • Base & cover made of attractive easy to clean SS
  • Sophisticated mechanics provide smooth.
  • Step less articulation of the table top for precise patient positioning.
  • Use remote for height adjustment.