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Cliniva Healthcare a Leading Manufacture of Orthopedic Implants, Orthopedic Instrument, Orthopedic Bone Drill Machine, Arthroscopy Irrigation Pump, Digital Tourniquet, Arthroscopy Set, Arthroscopy Shaver System, Orthopedic Plaster Cutter, Spinal Endoscopy, Neuro Endoscopy, Bone Chisels, Bone Gouges, Bone Curettes, Bone Files, Bone Cutting Forceps and Bone Grafting Instruments are some of the Orthopedic tools, Orthopedic Sterilization Box and all Orthopedic Surgical Instruments Manufacturer and Supplier in India, US, UK.

Cliniva Healthcare provides a range of orthopedic surgical instruments for surgeons and professional hospital supply providing surgery of any problems involving the Professional Hospital Supply in India, US, UK. Our orthopedic surgical instruments are designed for surgical and non surgical instruments supplier concerning musculoskeletal trauma, infections, sports injuries, etc. Cliniva medical supply manufacturer stainless steel orthopedic surgical instruments are manufactured in accordance with BS 5194. Among the most common used orthopedic instruments in orthopedic surgery are hohmann retractors, meals tenolysis instruments, lead and aluminum hand holders and tables, wire and pin instruments, self-retaining retractor systems, elevators, screw drivers and removal systems.

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