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Gynecology OT Table

Cliniva Healthcare Manufacturer of Gynecology Instruments, Surgical Hospital Equipment, Hydraulic Gynecology Operation Table, Electric Gynecology OT Table and Supplier in India, US, UK. The right table for the gynecology surgical operation is what Cliniva specializes in Gynecology Instruments Manufacturers and Supplier in India, US, UK. Gynecology OT Table ultra essential tables for Gynaecology, OB, Delivery, IVF and carefully programmed low height for ease of surgery. It is also possible to add in gynecology OT table a multitude of accessories to provide the patient with additional support. Electric gynecology OT table with Seamless Foaming Mattress considerably improves the comfort for the patient. Gynecology OT Table with stainless steel frame gives life duration.

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Electric Gynecology OT Table