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Cliniva Healthcare Manufacture Medical Equipment, Urological Instruments, Urology Instruments, AV Fistula SET, Female Urethral Teflon Dilator SET, Scope Cleaning Brush, Storz Connector Form Wolf, Male Urethral Dilator SET, Female Urethral Metal Dilator SET, Catheter Introducer, Scope Cover. Cliniva Healthcare offers a Male and Female Urethral Dilator Set with the best quality standard. Male and Female urethral dilator set contains 12 Dilators, 10 Dilators Supply, and much more. Currently, we market our products in India, USA and UK.

Cliniva healthcare offers a wide range of variety of Surgical Instruments, Professional Hospital supplies, Medical Equipments and much more. We are the leading Medical Device distributors in India, USA, and UK.

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