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Cliniva Healthcare Manufacturer of Gynecology Instruments, Storz Type Uterine Manipulator, Mangeshikar Uterine Manipulator, Professional Hospital Supply, Marva Uterine Manipulator, V Type Uterine Manipulator, Uterine Manipulator With Die Injector, Tintara Uterine Manipulator, HOHL Uterine Manipulator, Surgical Instruments Manufacturers in India, US, UK. The Cliniva uterine manipulator is a simple and single use device. Gynecology uterine manipulator stabilizes the uterus with an internally inflated balloon. Our uterine manipulation devices are designed with surgeons in mind, using our best technology for exposure and control during procedures. We are Medical Hospital Equipment, Surgical Instruments Manufacturer, Supplier in India, US, UK.

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Mangeshkar Uterine Manipulator