Delivery Table

Manufacturer and supplier of delivery table (Gynecology)

Cliniva Healthcare has efficient supply capabilities all over the world as we are one of the major players among medical device manufacturing companies. Cliniva healthcare designs and delivering Gynecology Instruments, Delivery Table, Surgical Hospital Equipment, Hydraulic Gynecology Delivery Table, Electric Gynecology OT Table and Electrically and Remote controlled backrest and height adjustment, Designed Gynecology Delivery Table for Gynecology, Examination, Urology and simple surgical operations.

Gynecology delivery table for gynaecology, urology, and minor surgery with electrically and remotely controlled backrest and height adjustment. Gynecology Delivery Table is a newly created delivery bed that nurses the women through all stages of childbirth, including labour, birth, and the recuperation stage. The adaptable Gynecology Delivery Table is designed for use in labour and delivery rooms. Currently, we sell our products in India, USA and UK.

All of the products and equipment on this list are of the highest calibre, helping to elevate the standard of care provided by your medical facility. The product list is provided below.

Electric Gynecology OT Table