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Cliniva Healthcare Cliniva Healthcare Manufacturer of Gynecology Instruments, Disposable Normal Delivery Drapes, Cesarean Delivery Drapes. We Cliniva HealthCare Manufacturer of Gynecology Drapes & Kit, Obstetric Maternity Surgical Drapes Pack, Professional Hospital Supply, Delivery Drapes, Medical Supply Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporter in India, US, UK. We offer a complete solution for Gynecology Instruments, Obstetrics and Gynecology Drape that can be used in various surgeries. Cliniva provide Gynecology Disposable Normal Delivery Drapes and Cesarean Delivery Drapes in response to client requests from Medical Industry. Gynecology surgery includes under buttock surgical drapes, disposable C section drapes, a sterile lithotomic T drape and a universal lithotomic pack. Our surgical drapes ensure tremendous protection from the risks of contaminations during gynecological surgeries.

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